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Classification of commercial equipment

The retail business involves the use of various types of special furniture, mechanisms and machines, which are designed to facilitate the work of staff, increase their efficiency and ensure the comfort of customers. This article is devoted to the classification of commercial equipment according to general characteristics.

Commercial equipment: types, classification

There is a huge variety of types of equipment for a sales area, warehouse and other ancillary premises of shops, boutiques, grocery stores, department stores, shopping centers and other similar establishments. Next, we will consider the main classifications of equipment.

Non-mechanical equipment

The main type of store equipment is furniture. Not a single point of sale can function normally if it lacks metal, wood, plastic or combined structures for receiving, storing, preparing for sale, displaying and selling various goods.

On a functional basis, they distinguish furniture for the sales area and utility rooms, designed for:

  • preparation (packaging, etc.) of industrial products and food, as well as its waste;
  • assortment demonstrations;
  • display of goods;
  • storage of commodity stocks;
  • transportation and short-term storage of goods;
  • settlements with buyers;
  • providing related services to consumers and ensuring their comfort when shopping.

Also, furniture may differ in its classification depending on the place and method of installation in the room, but the most important parameter is its functional purpose.

Other ways to classify types of commercial furniture

They are distinguished by universal and specialized furniture, which can be adapted for a specific group or type of goods. For example, slides are commonly used for displaying fabrics or baked goods, while versatile furniture can be used for different product groups.

Types of commercial equipment (furniture), depending on the design

Retail furniture may vary in design.

Non-demountable models are assembled from separate parts by means of one-piece connections. When assembling collapsible racks and cabinets, bolts, screws, brackets, hooks and other detachable connections are used.

Folding models include parts with hinged joints as part of their design. This ensures the transformability of such furniture and makes it possible to reduce the volume it occupies.

Sectional furniture is also popular, from which blocks and lines of any length can be assembled.

Settlement equipment

Cash registers are required to carry out settlement transactions with customers. They provide clarity, accuracy, simplicity and correctness of the calculation.

They are subdivided into:

  • autonomous;
  • passive;
  • active;
  • fiscal registrars.

Measuring shop equipment

Conducting a trade requires measuring the length, mass, or volume of a commodity. The need for such operations arises both directly when making a purchase, and during the packaging of goods for their further sale in self-service stores.

To increase the productivity of receivers, packers and sellers, modern devices are required that are fast, reliable and can automatically calculate the cost of a measured (usually weighed) product, as well as register weighing results by printing them on a receipt or sending the results via the Internet.

Weighing trade equipment must have a valid verification stamp and ensure the accuracy of measurements.

The following classification of weighing equipment has been adopted:

  • installation method;
  • type of pointing device;
  • constructions;
  • type of reading and method of taking readings;
  • at the place of installation of the scales (table, mobile and stationary).

Refrigeration equipment

This category includes devices that are designed for short-term storage, display and sale of goods that retain their consumer properties only at a certain temperature. They are distinguished by low-temperature (up to – 18 ° С) and refrigerated (from 0 to 8 ° С) refrigeration equipment.

The importance of refrigeration equipment is evidenced by the fact that many retail outlets, in principle, cannot be opened without it, for example, stores that sell meat and dairy products, or pharmacies, which must have several refrigeration chambers for different types of drugs. Also, do not forget that refrigeration equipment is one of the very first items that come under the scrutiny of supervisory authorities during an inspection. Therefore, the choice of refrigerators should be approached very carefully and calculate all possible unplanned situations and force majeure.

Loading and unloading devices and mechanisms

To improve the efficiency of the workflow in the trade, material handling equipment is required. It is classified according to various general characteristics.

First of all, it is a functional purpose. According to this criterion, machines of the following types are distinguished:

  • lifting;
  • transporting;
  • loading and unloading;
  • special vehicles.

Cutting mechanisms and machines

Unfortunately, at the moment the food industry produces a relatively small range of packaged products. In addition, some products in the form of slices are stored for a very short time, so it is advisable to cut them directly in the store. For these purposes, machines and mechanisms of two types are used: for cutting and cutting food into pieces or for crushing them. They are also subdivided into mechanical and drive ones.

Filling equipment

Pre-packaging and packaging of food and other goods increases their shelf life and improves their appearance, which leads to increased sales and brand confidence.

Particularly effective is equipment that allows you to mechanize and automate the chain of operations for preliminary processing (cleaning, rejection, etc.) and supply of goods for its further packing and packaging, hanging, inserting or filling into packages, placing them in containers.

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