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Glass showcases as protection against theft

This equipment, with all its seeming fragility, provides decent protection against damage to expensive goods or theft. This is especially true for stores selling small-sized products that require a good overview. For example, for the presentation of jewelry or stationery.
Don’t touch my “Parker”

Stationery assumes 100% visibility of each item. If in the case of offers of the mass segment, correctly selected racks cope with this task, then when it comes to more expensive items, it is glass showcases that can come to the rescue. It would be strange to share in the public access the same Parker pens costing 1,500 rubles and more, along with the penny ones. They will just simply steal it. As well as sets of professional art paints, fashion coasters for office supplies on a desk or expensive diaries with genuine leather bindings, small but expensive equipment ..

An eye sees, but a tooth doesn’t

A glass showcase in a stationery store is an ideal guardian of an expensive assortment from damage and theft. Unlike glass shelving, it is fenced on four sides. Placing products with a status above average in closed but visible areas remains the only option to secure them. It is unlikely that someone will smash furniture in front of everyone in order to take possession of the item, after all, we are not in the Wild West … Classic robberies do not count.

Showcases can be either completely transparent or glazed on three sides (the back wall is opaque). The glass elements are designed to be tough enough to withstand the impact of an accident, such as a handbag on a shoulder strap.


What are they?

Wall, corner, island, hinged – you need to choose depending on the area, the amount of goods that need protection. The most common type is wall-mounted, it saves retail space. The product located here is automatically perceived as a VIP option. It is best to place display cases at such a distance from each other that the buyer can walk around them and view the offers from several sides.

Show beautifully

Glass is a very effective material. Glass showcases, as a rule, are equipped with LED backlighting (installation methods are discussed in each case separately). Good light becomes a kind of additional buying incentive: a correctly placed product looks almost precious in the glare of light. This concerns jewelry in the first place. Some models are equipped with a mirrored back wall, which enhances the display impression.


Glass showcase selection

The principles here are the same as with any equipment: focus on the area of ​​the sales area and assortment. You should pay special attention to the quality of the glass itself. In the manufacture of such structures, safe types of material (triplex, tempered glass) with a thickness of 4-8 millimeters are used. This indicator determines not only the resistance of the walls, but also the penetration of light, therefore, solutions are selected individually for different types of products. And it makes sense to do it not on your own, but accompanied by a qualified manager. A good display case showing the product with its face is not the kind of shop equipment that requires frugality.


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