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Many people know that a habit is formed in three weeks, and the habit of saving money is several times longer. It is difficult to overhaul yourself and learn to spend your finances wisely. But difficult does not mean impossible, so below will be presented recommendations on how to consolidate the habit of saving money in just a week. Each point is one day.

Record expenses.

On the first day, you need to record the costs. Even if a person knows how much and where he spends, very often the recorded expenses are unpleasantly surprising. It is better to have a special notebook in which to write down in detail what the money was spent on.

Fix income.

After an unpleasant day of accepting expenses, you should fix the income. You can record your earnings at the moment, or you can record it within a month. You should record everything in the same detail as in the cost situation. Recorded income and expenses will help you see if a person is in the black or in the red.



If you set a goal to save money just like that, sooner or later there is a great risk of failure. You need motivation, pleasant motivation that will move you forward. For example, the money you save now will help you acquire a hotly desired item in the future.

Search for savings options.

When you have done a thorough analysis of income and expenses, you need to cross out useless expenses. For example, buying lunch every day at work, when you can bring it from home. If a comfortable existence does not change without these things, you can safely delete them.

Make lists.

On the fifth day, you can safely go to the lists. Before going to the store, you need to carefully assess the home environment, expenses and income, and then draw up a shopping list based on this. This is not always noticeable, but if you take a list with you, much less unnecessary things will be bought.


Plan your budget.

It is easy for people with stable wages to do this. But a freelancer must plan his budget in advance, because only he is responsible for his salary. It is necessary to take into account the number of days off, holidays, rest, and then form an approximate budget.


Once a week, it is necessary to analyze the money spent and earned. Check expenses, update income, in general, arrange for yourself a “meeting with money.”
As you can see, the habit of saving can be formed in a week. The main thing is not to miss any of the points, to do everything gradually and not carelessly – after a month, changes will be noticeable.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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