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    How to make a do-it-yourself bench

    No shoe store can do without a banquet. Such products are installed in the fitting area, providing comfort to customers.

    If you are taking your first steps in retail and cannot afford the high cost of equipping a store, try making a do-it-yourself bench from the simplest materials.


    The classic bench is a soft, backless chair with 4 legs. This option is not the best choice for shops. For retail outlets, especially when it comes to small establishments, options with a box for storing boxes and stock with a hinged lid are more suitable. As a rule, they are installed on furniture wheels, which makes them easier to move around the sales area.

    In addition, instead of several square benches, you can use one large round one, which can accommodate several buyers at once for trying on shoes.

    How to make a do-it-yourself bench

    Having the skills to work with carpentry tools, you can make a do-it-yourself bench. The process begins by cutting out a seat blank of the desired size from the plywood.

    The blank of the banquet is sanded, treated with a stain, after which a layer of furniture varnish is applied.

    For a model with legs, take a wooden bar measuring 30 by 40 or 30 by 50 mm. Four slats are attached to the bottom of the seat so that they “look out” over the edges by a couple of cm. Fastening is carried out by means of screws and corners. For the manufacture of legs, cut a bar according to the height of the product, sand it and fix it to the bottom with corners and self-tapping screws.

    Having experience with a cutter, you can grind round legs with your own hands or give them some original design.

    If the option with support on the sidewalls is chosen, then they, as well as the seat, the back wall and the bottom part of the shelf, are cut out, processed to smoothness and assembled by means of pins inserted into the blind holes made in the ends of the parts.

    Foam rubber is used to make a soft seat. Burlap is laid on the bottom of the banquet as the first layer. Then, using a furniture stapler or glue, fix the foam seat.

    The final stage is upholstery. It is better to choose leatherette for her, as the fabric will quickly get dirty, and the bench will look sloppy. If, nevertheless, you are forced to give preference to textiles, then it should be durable and dark in color.

    A piece in the shape of a seat with an allowance is cut out of the upholstery material. It is tucked inward along the edges of the seat and secured with a stapler.

    Bench from plastic bottles

    Many people want to know how to make a bench with minimal costs. We suggest you find out how to make such a product from PVC bottles.

    You will need:

    • wide scotch tape (2 pcs);
    • about 40 plastic bottles of the same size with screwed caps;
    • foam rubber;
    • cover material.

    The bottles are tied to each other with tape in several stages, giving the desired shape.

    Then, 2 seat bases (circles or squares) are cut from a piece of plywood.

    The profiles are fixed to the bottle blank with adhesive tape.

    To give the ottoman “softness”, use thick furniture foam rubber, fixed with glue or furniture stapler.

    At the final stage, a cover is required for the ottoman. Furniture or tapestry fabric, or leatherette is suitable for him. If you have sewing skills, it is best to sew a detachable version, with a zipper, which can be washed or replaced as it gets dirty or worn out.

    Where can I order a soft bench

    Now you know how to make a bench yourself using the most tools and materials. If you don’t have time for this, you can always order such furniture, shelves, hangers, modular systems, etc. from the Trading Equipment company. We have our own production facility in China, and we deliver throughout the Russian Federation.

    The assortment includes rectangular, square and round models of banquets and ottomans. For small rooms, corner poufs will be a good solution. All products are made of high quality materials and will last a long time, even with intensive use.

    Payment is accepted in cash (within the Moscow Ring Road), bank transfer or through electronic money services.

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