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Retail success is not least dependent on how the products are located in the store and how convenient it is for shoppers to access them. There is even a whole line of marketing that is studying ways to lay out the assortment in such a way as to dramatically increase the level of sales.

If you are just going to open a store and cannot afford the high costs of its equipment and furnishings, try making shopping racks yourself. This article will tell you how to do this with minimal time and financial costs.

Types of trade racks

By design, such equipment is classified as open or closed racks. Open shelving is used to display fragile and high value items. Closed – allow the buyer to inspect and touch the product before deciding to purchase it.

By material, racks are made of metal, glass, wood (chipboard) or a combination of these materials.

They can vary in size as well as design. In the first case, the area and height of the room are taken into account, and in the latter, it all depends on the fantasy of those who are engaged in the design of the store.

Manufacturing of wood shelving

Chipboard racks are widely used. This is a fairly inexpensive material that has an attractive appearance. Such structures can be easily made independently, using the help of special workshops, where such plates are cut.

The process of making a rack in this case will look like this:

  • development of a design project;
  • saw cut;
  • development of a design project;
  • assembly.

The Internet will help to facilitate the task, in the vastness of which you can always find and download a file with a finished design project and correct it in order to maximize adaptation to the specific conditions of your trading floor.

After the information is received from the carpentry workshop that the order is ready, it is recommended to deliver the sawn panels to the store and assemble them on site. In this case, their transportation will be easier, and there will be no risk of damage to the furniture.

Since the end of the chipboard looks unaesthetic, when making a wooden rack with your own hands, you need to take care of its edging. For this purpose, glue edges, which are sold in furniture stores, are suitable. You can use either options in the same color as the laminate or in a contrasting one. This work can be done either manually or using a special machine for installing PVC edges.

!Features of metal commercial equipment

The metal rack is in demand, as it can withstand significant loads. Its advantages also include the ability to operate in conditions in which wooden structures can quickly become unusable (high humidity, etc.).

Most often, a metal rack is understood as a structure on a metal frame. This solution reduces the weight of the equipment, simplifies the assembly process and reduces manufacturing costs. Chipboard or thick plastic sheets are used as shelves. However, the latter option is only suitable when the structure is designed to accommodate lightweight goods. Otherwise, stiffeners need to be welded from below, which will make the assembly more complex and costly.

Design project

It is necessary to create a metal rack from the development of its design project. The main factors that need to be taken into account are for which goods the structure will be used, since the height and depth of the shelves, as well as the choice of material for their manufacture, will depend on this.

The rack can consist of identical shelves or have a pyramid-like shape with wide shelves at the bottom and narrow ones at the top. In addition, racks are wall-mounted and island-based, depending on where they are supposed to be located in the trading floor.

If such equipment is intended for heavy objects, then the length of the shelves should be no more than 1 meter, as otherwise they will bend quite strongly. In this case, the design will not look aesthetically pleasing and problems will arise during its operation.

?How to make a metal rack with your own hands: fasteners or welding?

When making a rack with your own hands, two options are possible: welding or bolted connections. Please note that the structure, the components of which are welded to each other, in the future it will not be possible to change or easily move from one place to another inside the sales area. Prefabricated structures are much more convenient, in which parts are connected with bolts. Such metal racks are easily assembled and disassembled, allowing you to quickly and at no additional cost to change the layout of the sales area as needed.

Another problem is the need to fix the structure by fixing it to the wall with fasteners, the length of which should depend on the building material of the base. If the walls are reinforced concrete, then experts advise using fasteners with a length of at least 7 cm, and for brick you can do with 4 cm.

Shelf base

The choice of the base for the rack depends on the condition and type of floor on which it is supposed to be installed. For dimensional structures, it is more expedient to use a kind of “slide” from a large metal corner. For smaller items, you can simply weld dimes to the ends of the racks and secure them to the floor.

The order of work in the manufacture of metal commercial shelving

You can make your own shelving according to the following scheme:

  • Assembly of the frame using the selected method;
  • Fixing to the wall and to the floor. In this case, care should be taken that there are no distortions and that all shelves and the frame are located either parallel or at right angles;
  • Installation of rear panels (for wall shelving) and shelves. The best solution is to use the option of installing shelves without attaching them to the frame;
  • Painting and exterior finishing of the rack. It is best to use powder paint, which will create a durable finish that will retain its original appearance for many years.
  • If wooden shelves were used, then they should be soaked with antiseptics and painted. In addition, it is worth applying edging. This will improve the aesthetic appearance of the racks and increase their service life.

?Where can you buy commercial equipment inexpensively?

Now you know how you can make a do-it-yourself shelving unit at no extra cost. Solving such a task will require a variety of tools and skills in the production of carpentry work.

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