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Banquets and ottomans are an essential part of the trade equipment of the fitting area of ​​any shoe store. Their convenience largely depends on whether the buyer wants to try on several pairs of shoes until he finds a suitable one, or leaves after the first unsuccessful attempt.

Large stores usually buy ready-made poufs, while elite boutiques order them from designers. However, owners of small shops who cannot afford high expenses can make an ottoman with their own hands. The manufacture of some models of such commercial furniture does not require any special skills or special tools.

This article will tell you how to make an ottoman for a store with your own hands.

What is an ottoman

A pouf is a type of furniture that is a stool with a padded seat that can also be used as a footrest. They are used in bedrooms, hallways, sales areas of shops, waiting rooms, children’s rooms, kindergartens, etc.

The classic ottoman is a 35-40 cm high cylinder made of high-rigidity polyurethane foam with a cover made of natural or artificial leather. Designers offer various varieties of these stools. Models in the form of cubes or parallelepipeds, including those with a hinged lid, have become widespread, which can be used as storage systems.

How to make an ottoman with your own hands from bottles

You will need:

  • about 40-50 plastic bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters;
  • cardboard;
  • scotch tape (adhesive tape);
  • foam rubber;
  • leatherette.

Let’s consider how to make an ottoman for a round store on your own.

For this:

  • you need to take the first bottle and tape it to the second;
  • continuing to act in the same way, you must move in a circle until you get something that looks like a cylinder with a slightly tapering end on the side where the necks of the bottles are;
  • from thick cardboard (not clerical), you will need to cut 2 circles with diameters 5-6 cm larger than at the base of the cylindrical part of the bottle blank;
  • you should wrap the cardboard parts to the workpiece as bottoms using several layers of tape.

How to make your own ottoman upholstery

Next, take up the upholstery of your ottoman. For this:

  • attach the bottom of the future pouf to dense foam rubber and circle it with chalk;
  • cut out two such parts, as well as a rectangle with a height of the workpiece and a length equal to the length of its circumference;
  • wrap the pouf from the side with a foam rubber rectangle;
  • Sew the zippered faux leather cover so you can change it if necessary.

How to make a rectangular pouf from boards yourself

This option is suitable for those who are able to make their own wooden box using nails and a hammer.

First you need to saw the boards. When the blanks are ready, you just have to put together a box without a cubic or parallelepiped-shaped bottom. 4 furniture wheels can be screwed onto it. On top of the box, you need to glue a square or rectangular piece of thick foam rubber. Upholstery can be done using furniture nails with caps. Its color should be chosen depending on the general design of the store. It is not recommended to use light leatherette for the ottoman in the fitting area, since in this case the ottoman made by hand will retain its attractive appearance longer.

Pouf made of plywood

To make a plywood pouf yourself, you need to take sheets of plywood with dimensions of 45 by 45 cm and with cuts at 45 degrees.

Then, from vinyl of the desired color and non-thick foam rubber, you should cut out a part with the dimensions of plywood with an increase of 2-3 cm of margin.

The upholstery is folded over and fixed on the pouf blank with a stapler. Cut off excess vinyl with scissors.

For fastening plywood parts, joiner’s corners and screws are used.

How to make a soft ottoman out of plywood and pine beams

To make such a cute soft ottoman with your own hands, you will need:

  • make ribs from a bar;
  • cut four identical squares from fiberboard;
  • assemble the frame of the product using self-tapping screws;
  • close the sides with sheets of plywood.
  • glue the base with polyurethane foam, supplementing it with padding polyester;
  • cut out the details of the cover from artificial leather;
  • flash them;
  • put the resulting cover on the pouf;
  • fix it from below with a furniture stapler;
  • glue the bottom of the pouf with non-woven fabric.
  • mount the legs at the corners.

Several ideas

If all the instructions above on how to make a soft ottoman do not suit you, turn on your imagination. Alternatively, you can advise using a plastic container from under glass bottles as a frame. It is covered with polyurethane foam, placing a synthetic winterizer, and then a cover is sewn and put on over a soft layer.

15-20 scraps of plumbing pipes are also suitable, which are glued together and painted in the desired color. Then a soft seat is made using one of the methods described above.

Where to buy a soft ottoman

If you don’t want, you don’t have time to make a ottoman with your own hands or you need a large batch of ottomans for your chain of retail outlets, then contact the Trading Equipment company.

From us you can buy ottomans, poufs and banquets for your store. Our assortment includes models with different designs at an affordable price, on legs, on furniture wheels, with a hinged lid, double, etc.

Our company has its own production in China, so we are ready to make poufs according to your sketches, which will ideally complement the interior design of your sales area.

We offer a wide range of commercial equipment at an affordable price and with delivery throughout Russia.

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