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Today many people want to start their own business. One of the most popular business options is opening a children’s store. It can turn out to be profitable even with a small start-up capital.

This article will help you figure out what it takes to open a high-income children’s clothing store for its owner.

What to sell

A children’s clothing retail store never lacks customers as toddlers and teens need to update their wardrobe on a regular basis.

Before starting a business related to the sale of children’s clothing, decide on the format of the store. You can choose to work in the product segment for the age group from 0 to 15 years old, or choose an assortment only for newborns, schoolchildren, preschoolers or adolescents.

In big cities, you can narrow the specialization even further. For example, you might offer clothing for boys (girls) only, school uniforms, sportswear, or party outfits for young princesses and gentlemen.

Working with information

If you are planning to open a children’s clothing store from scratch, collect and analyze information about the availability of nearby outlets with the same specialization, their assortment, traffic and profitability.

If you have no experience in this area, a kind of “internship” in a children’s clothing store would be a good solution. Several months of work will make you the owner of invaluable experience that will allow you to avoid many mistakes at the start. This advice can be especially useful for those who are going to open a store selling children’s clothing with borrowed money. Once you find yourself “inside” such a commercial business, you can realistically assess your chances of not going out of business and make a profit from the store in the short term.

For those who may find such a decision too extreme, it is recommended to talk with parents, for example, by conducting a short opinion poll to find out what complaints they have about existing children’s stores and what clothes they would like to see in them.

Choice of location and area of ​​the trading floor

When considering what it takes to open a children’s clothing store, decide where it should be. Ideal if there is a school, kindergarten or other similar institution nearby. A good solution would be a shopping center with nearby shops with goods from related groups (toys, stationery, children’s shoes, etc.).

Now a few words about the area of ​​the store. It is best to start a retail business with a sales area of ​​20-30 sq. meters. Experts call 50 square meters as the optimal size. meters. After all, fitting rooms will have to be placed in a clothing store, and representatives of the target audience – customers with babies – are unlikely to often look into an institution where there is nowhere to turn.

Legal registration

Legal registration is what you need to open a children’s clothing store if you already have a rented or owned premises and start-up capital. Entrepreneurs who own small clothing stores prefer to design their business as an individual entrepreneur. You can choose another taxation option – imputed UTII tax. Its value is calculated from the physical characteristics of the outlet, such as its size, equipment and number of employees.

To open a children’s store, permits are required from the FS for supervision in the field of consumer protection and the fire service and enter it into the unified commercial register. In confirmation of registration, you will be given a certificate valid for 3 years.

The hardest part will be for those who intend to sell children’s clothing at retail in a room that has not yet been officially formalized as a trading platform. In this case, the entrepreneur will need to obtain consent from the city Trade Department.

Note! Having decided to open a children’s clothing store (where you already know to start) in a room rented on the territory of the shopping center, you will save yourself from the need to deal with the registration of permits and other similar documents, since all this will be undertaken by its administration.


When opening a clothing store from scratch, carefully consider the interior design. Make it attractive to both kids and their parents. The image of fairy-tale and cartoon characters, showcases with plot design and corners with toys will keep the child’s attention. He will not be capricious, demanding to leave the store and interfering with mom or dad to view the goods.

In a children’s clothing store, it is required to provide sufficient lighting and create comfortable conditions for adults and young customers. For example, in a fitting room of a retail outlet, the range of which includes clothing for preschoolers, it is necessary to install seating. Then mothers will be able to put on a jacket, dress or trousers on their son or daughter without bending over.

It is also important to purchase suitable racks for children’s clothes and other commercial equipment (cash counter, etc.). They should have an attractive design and match the rest of the establishment.

Ways to make your kids’ clothing store attractive with assortment

Now that you know how to open a children’s clothing store, let’s talk about its assortment. In a highly competitive environment, it will be possible to attract a buyer by offering exclusive items that are not on the shelves of your competitors.

Remember that you should always be aware of fashion trends and offer customers only the latest and varied assortment. It is also important that the most popular sizes are available, and timely response to the change of seasons.

We hope that we were able to answer the questions of how to open a children’s clothing store, where to start and how to carry out its legal registration. Following the guidelines above will help you keep your business profitable and achieve financial prosperity.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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