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If you decide to start a retail business, then one of the first problems that you will have to solve will be finding and renting premises for a store. This article will help you figure out how to find a room, the cost of renting which will pay off in a short time.

!Dependence of the profitability of a store on the lease of a specific retail outlet

Experts advise starting your search for retail space by drawing up a detailed business plan. This document details the possible costs. Then the net profit is calculated and the turnover is predicted for the next two years. This is necessary in order to find out after what period of time the outlet will reach payback. Practice shows that if this figure exceeds 2 years, then it is better to rent premises for a store at a lower price.

?What to look for when renting premises for a store?

When choosing premises for a store, you should pay attention to the level of competition in the area where you are going to start your business. At the same time, remember that both the presence of a large number of outlets with the same assortment and the lack of competition can have a negative impact on the level of sales.

To provide the store with traffic, it is better to choose a location close to major transport interchanges, public transport stops (metro stations), various institutions and other places where there is a large crowd of people most of the day.

You can rent a store only if you conclude an agreement in compliance with all formalities. Before signing it, you should check that the landlord has documents confirming the ownership of the leased premises, or a power of attorney to conclude transactions of this kind.

It is imperative to make sure that the amount of the rent is clearly stated in the contract, including VAT. In some cases, by mutual agreement of the parties, it can be replaced by a percentage of income. You should be alerted if the agreement states that the landlord has the right to change the amount of rent, depending on certain circumstances. This can be a big problem in the future. See also whether the document contains the grounds for early termination of the contract and whether you agree with them.

The mandatory information that must be present in the contract for renting premises for a store also includes:

  • an accurate description of the retail space;
  • indication of contacts, including telephone numbers of the landlord.

Upon conclusion of the contract, it is required to draw up an act of acceptance of the premises, in which all the shortcomings must be described. In the future, this document will allow you to exclude the possibility of the owner presenting you with unreasonable claims and claims for compensation for damage. If the leased retail space is part of state property, then find out if there are any benefits.

?What should be the premises of a grocery store


It is better to open a store that sells food products at retail:

  • at a traffic intersection;
  • in a residential neighborhood built up with high-rise buildings;
  • next to new buildings;
  • on the 1st floor of the shopping center;
  • in a room on the 1st floor of a residential building, near a public transport stop;
  • not far from school, college, university.

?Where to look for a rental space for a store

Finding retail space for rent makes it much easier to have the Internet. Take some time to browse the offers on specialized real estate websites. As a rule, they contain sections that contain advertisements for the lease of shops, pavilions and premises in the territory of the shopping center. You can also search for offers through:

  • announcements in the media (in newspapers, on local TV channels, etc.);
  • real estate agency;
  • municipal and government agencies.

!Purchase of lease rights

Buying the right to lease space for a store has its own advantages. By choosing this option, the entrepreneur acquires a ready-made trading platform that has its own customers. It will be much easier for you to do forecasting, since financial indicators for the last two years can be requested from the business owner.

The disadvantages of buying lease rights include the difficulties that arise when trying to expand the range, as there may be problems with suppliers.

In addition, you need to immediately find out why the former owner decided to sell the store. Often in such cases, the reason is the move to another city, but often the decision is dictated by the unprofitability of the outlet.

!A Few Tips

If you are interested in a retail space for a store, really assess your capabilities.

Conduct market research to determine if there is a demand for the products you intend to sell in the area where the selected premises are located.

You can quickly find premises for rent in Moscow, if your landlord suddenly does not want to renew the contract, having familiarized yourself with the information about tenders for the purchase of lease rights from the city. It can be found on the websites of SSUP, Solid and AHRF. If you find this or that option suitable, you can send an electronic request, collect a package of necessary documents and take part in the auction.

How to rent retail space


Renting premises for a store is still half the battle. You will need:

  • financial investments for the re-equipment of the premises and its repair;
  • obtaining permission from the fire service and Rospotrebnadzor.

When making alterations, you should make sure that they do not contradict the conditions specified in the contract.

Now you know how to find and rent premises for a store. We hope you find these tips helpful and helpful in building a successful retail scam business.

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