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Trading is considered one of the most profitable types of business. However, the high level of competition forces the owners of boutiques and supermarkets to pay special attention to the decoration and arrangement of sales areas, including the layout and design of premises, as well as lighting and store equipment.

Store layout and zoning

The store layout should:

  • ensure the maximum throughput of the sales area, without compromising the comfort of the individual buyer;
  • be based on a competent delimitation of space, with the allocation of zones of adaptation, service, warehouses and production, a cash register, etc.

The layout should allow the administration and the guards to have maximum visibility in order to keep track of what is happening in the hall.

For example, if you are interested in how to equip a clothing store, then experts recommend:

  • to carry out zoning of the trading floor, placing fashionable and expensive outfits in the first, casual clothes of the middle price category in the second, and with youth clothes in the third;
  • take into account when planning the possibility of reviewing the entire hall for the security service and administrator;
  • place dressing booths at the end of the hall or on the sides so that they do not clutter up the room, and a convenient approach to them is provided.

How to properly arrange a store

Any outlet opens with the aim of making a profit, which depends on the level of sales. Therefore, when thinking about how to equip a store, one should proceed from the extent to which the chosen design and layout option will help attract customers.

The ideal solution will be retail design, the goal of which is the best combination of design, design and planning of retail space, advertising placement, as well as the placement of goods and the choice of equipment to increase their attendance and increase sales.

The design of the store also depends on the profile of the outlet:

  • For children’s retail spaces, the ideal solution is a bright interior design, for example, in a fairy-tale style. Its main task is to attract the attention of children and their parent. For this, trade equipment with an unusual design is used, as well as bright signs, original interior items and furniture.
  • In jewelry boutiques, lighting plays an important role in presenting products in the best possible light. Furnishing and decorating a store selling jewelry should be tailored to the preferences of the target audience, which consists of people with high social status. However, use of decorative elements that distract attention from the assortment presented in display cases and display cabinets should be avoided.
  • An effective shoe store trade design will require special attention to ensuring the comfort of the fitting area. It should be large enough and well lit. Many mirrors should be installed there, allowing you to see the foot in the shoe from different angles. It is recommended to place the most expensive product at eye level to attract the attention of buyers.
  • Of particular difficulty is the design and arrangement of the sales area of ​​a clothing store, developed in accordance with the preferences of the target audience. For boutiques, a “luxury” decor is suitable, and for an institution with a youth assortment – an informal design. Ensuring comfort in the changing room and in the waiting area is essential.

Types of commercial equipment

Today in supermarkets, boutiques, shopping centers and other establishments where goods are sold, the following types of commercial equipment are used:

  • racks for storing and displaying goods;
  • showcases and counters used for small spaces;
  • cash booths;
  • baskets and carts that facilitate making purchases and moving the buyer around the sales area;
  • hangers, racks used for displaying and placing goods in clothing boutiques;
  • mannequins;
  • lighting equipment;
  • anti-theft mirrors;
  • refrigerators and freezers;
  • about ave.

To equip a store in accordance with the requirements of retail design, attention should be paid to its lighting. In addition to the main lighting from above, backlighting is required, this will give the premises a more presentable look, and also focus on a particular group of goods.

The choice of commercial equipment depending on the profile of the store

Commercial equipment is subdivided into general and highly specialized. The main selection criteria are dimensions that should be suitable for the size of the room and their compliance with the profile of a commercial enterprise.

For example, in response to the question of how to equip stock stores, marketers advise using racks that can hold as many items as possible at the same time.

Equipping and decorating a store selling food products should be in accordance with all sanitary and hygienic standards adopted in the Russian Federation. For such premises, refrigerators and freezers will be required, as well as refrigerated display cases. As for the choice of finishing materials, they should be easy to clean and not be afraid of contact with bactericidal household chemicals.

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