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Mannequin presentation

Dummy – one of the main elements of commercial equipment.

With their help, they demonstrate competently composed images, presenting clothes at their best.

Correctly placed and stylized mannequins make the interior of the store more expressive and memorable.

Trade mannequins are able to present clothes better than sales managers, because the buyer sees a thoughtful, structured image, where people who have often worked in the fashion industry for more than one year carefully tried to select every detail.

Let’s consider in more detail the types of mannequins, the advantages of each category, so that you can choose the best option.

Types of mannequins

The market is full of various mannequins: you can choose according to the product and the interior concept.

All equipment is divided into:

    • Mannequins are demonstration forms – with their help they demonstrate collections of clothes and accessories. Depending on the product, the figures can be of full height or focus on individual parts.

    • Natural mannequins – accurately copy the figure of a person and demonstrate the goods as profitably as possible.
    • Tailor mannequins – used for sewing and designing clothes.

    • Profiled shapes – equipment used by narrow-profile specialists.

  • Artistic dummies for sketching poses, training dummies for teaching first aid, test dummies to assess the nature of injuries, etc.

A separate large group – figures for sales areas.

You can use different mannequins in shape, size, appearance.

The most commercial types of floor mannequins are:

    • Full-height (colored) figures – copy the figure of a woman, a man and a child as much as possible.
    • Target dolls – for advertising specialized clothing: in a running or static position for sportswear stores, specialized equipment, etc.

    • Display mannequins – represent a separate part of the body: torso, head, arms, lower body. Needed to focus on a specific area of ​​the trunk.

Modern mannequins are made from special materials: wood, plastic, mastic, papier-mâché, polyurethane foam.

When choosing, be guided by the target audience, the design of the trading platform, the brand policy.

Advantages of mannequins

A good store uses shapes to improve business organization.

This is the only way to visualize the style and quality of the product.

In addition, they have a number of advantages:

    • Life-size mannequins are perfectly proportioned and showcase a three-dimensional projection of clothing.

    • Placed in a conspicuous place: at the entrance, in the center, in the shop window, catching the eye of the client, they affect the conversion rates of the outlet.

    • Beautiful illumination or light accentuation additionally attracts attention.

  • They are an integral part of the store’s style, a design element.

You, too, happened that, passing by the store, you make a choice to enter / not, based on the attractiveness of the clothes presented on the mannequin?

Mannequins are best suited for selling in clothing stores. Their presence allows:

    • Get an accurate idea of ​​how the product looks on a person.
  • Demonstrate clothes in a favorable light, emphasize their dignity.
  • Show the best combinations.

The figures are very hardy and serve for many years. With the right placement, you inform the buyer without further ado about the specifics of the store.

How to choose a mannequin?

It turns out that the role of the dolls is significantly diminished and the beautiful mannequin guarantees a flow of buyers. However, often awkward figures become the property of social networks.

Therefore, take seriously what your shop window looks like.
Stylized mannequins evoke emotions in the buyer through facial expressions, gestures and position. They create a recognizable style.

They clearly send a signal to which audience they are targeting.

pay attention to mannequins for displaying sportswear.

They are very trendy now. Many shapes are developed for all types of activity.

An athletic body frozen in dynamics attracts attention. Plus, the magnetic mounts allow you to quickly, easily change clothes.

Additionally, the structures are equipped with metal supports: you can create complex poses and are not afraid for safety.

Until recently, popular were faceless figures.

Versatility, simplicity, application in any price segment speak in their favor. Stores now compete strongly with online services for customer attention, and creative mannequins are the main marketing tool.

Most brands create a personalized style, their own images, moods. Add facial features, wigs, dynamic poses. Define your target audience, find out its values, needs and expectations.

A person buys an emotional state, not clothes. For example, he wants to look like a business man, an athlete, a fashionable mother.

With the poses and facial expressions of the shop equipment, this is easy to achieve.

Classic figures without emotions will attract people who want to look stable: a reliable partner or a well-groomed lady.

Your task is to get the client to identify himself as much as possible with the brand image.

The material of the mannequin must be of high quality: fiberglass or fiberglass. With durable hardware and fasteners.

These will last longer, withstand constant dressing. You shouldn’t buy a mannequin for 150 thousand for the mass market.

There are decent mannequins in the segment up to 15 thousand.

Thus, mannequins not only decorate the store space, but also influence the sale of goods and increase brand awareness.

The store has a better chance of realizing a unique product by correctly demonstrating it on mannequins.

The main thing is that his image is harmoniously combined with the current design, evokes pleasant emotions in the buyer.

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