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Everyone in their life faced with a lack of financial resources. This list of seven ways can help you find extra money, channel it, or earn more.


More often than not, in order to achieve unprecedented financial results, it is enough to determine what you want. It can be very difficult to get away from the couch or stop doing things that don’t lead anywhere. The first step will be a list of goals that you want to achieve in a year.

It can be a small paper sheet, where tasks for a certain period will be beautifully designed. The main mistake when goals are written is not to hide this list far. It should always be kept in a prominent place, then additional strength and motivation will appear, and new ideas that have not appeared before will begin to come to mind.


Many people ignore loyalty programs, cashbacks and do not issue customer cards in supermarkets. In some cases, chargebacks can be up to 10% of the purchase. Do not miss this opportunity, you can save a lot of money by spending money only in certain stores, while getting a refund.

Another useful step is to study the offers of all banks. If it turns out that in other conditions it is much more profitable, and offers for cashback are better, you can safely change your financial institution.



All personal finance experts speak as one – loans are a waste of money. You need to get rid of all loans as soon as possible and pay off all credit cards. Their danger is that people don’t really know how much money they spend on servicing these cards.

If it is possible to move to another bank where the interest rate is lower, this will be an excellent first step. The ideal situation is when all personal loans are closed, and the burden of debts is removed. Then you can think about increasing your own financial resources.

Cut your budget.

Each family’s budget has items that can be cut down or simply deleted. If you need to find extra money, but you don’t want to take new actions, this is a great option. Before that, you need to conduct a financial audit and figure out where the money is flowing. A list of things that you can sometimes refuse:

• unnecessary food;
• bad habits that have not brought benefit and joy for a long time;
• optimize transport costs;
• give up a new expensive haircut;
• possibly move to a new apartment.

Search for a new job.

You can search for additional income passively, without leaving your home. It is enough to post your resume on all sorts of sites and wait for the best offers. Nobody forces you to take a job, but it may happen that they call and make an interesting offer.


It is not the one who works a lot that earns more, but the one who is looking everywhere all the time. Every person is lucky once and he finds a part-time job or a main dream job. Moreover, you can send out a resume in no more than 15 minutes a week.

Pay yourself.

This is what the authors of popular books on financial literacy say. The first step to prosperity is to pay yourself. This means that with each income, you must definitely set aside a part of your income for the future.

Never say yes.

In one popular film, the hero was asked to answer any question “Yes” every time. To save money and move to a new stage of development, it is worth doing exactly the opposite. With every possible waste of money, you need to weigh all the pros and cons and try to lean towards giving up and saving money.
All the pleasures are of course not worth giving up, but some of them may not be worth it.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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