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In terms of work focus, the difference between sales and marketing can be seen from the target activities. Marketing Priority focus is to attract consumers, attract consumers and build good relationships to be loyal. If you have many customers or customers, the company’s revenue will also increase.

The sales function is to serve consumers and help them get the products they need. It can be concluded from the priorities and functions of both that sales and marketing are actually two activities that are interrelated and coordinated.

Marketing Priority Goals

The next very clear difference is in the objectives. In marketing, the team must maintain the product or company brand image. The reason consumers decide to buy a product is because they know the quality or brand of the product. At the same time, maintaining the brand is not important in the sales or sales field. The sales target is to sell the company’s products and achieve the set sales targets.

That’s the difference between sales and marketing. If you only rely on sales, the company will not be successful, because without good marketing, sales will not be created. Therefore, in order for a company to continue to grow, it requires proper planning and management, whether related to production, marketing, sales, finance, etc. To help you manage your finances, you can use the help of accounting software.

Marketing Priority scope of work

Sales and marketing can also be differentiated based on the scope of work. Short term sales or sales. Yes, just see if you are transacting? After the transaction process is complete, the sales team is no longer responsible to the customer. At the same time, the marketing work cycle becomes longer (long term).

This is because marketing must maintain good relations with consumers or suppliers. Therefore, after carrying out marketing activities, the team remains responsible for maintaining the relationship so as not to lose customer loyalty. In fact, the marketing team must stay in touch with consumers before the transaction occurs. The scope of marketing efforts, such as customer satisfaction, market research, and public relations.

Marketing Priority work process

Marketing priorities

Next, you will differentiate between sales and marketing based on workflows. When talking about the concept of selling, namely selling, and the sales process directly facing the consumer. But apart from directly, you can also sell or sell via media (such as telephone, social media, etc.). Basically, this sales activity is a direct activity or direct interaction, as long as both parties agree that there will be no problems.

In order for the sales team to do a good job, it requires a marketing team to conduct market analysis or determine customer needs. Therefore, marketing is the activity behind selling. Those who think about how to improve, occupy the market, determine the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and so on. In other words, the difference between sales and marketing is that marketing is responsible for preparing the concepts, tools and strategies that consumers are interested in, whereas sales is responsible for providing services to consumers so that the product sells.

Sales and marketing

To make it easier to understand, the first point of discussion is about understanding. Sales is defined as part of the company’s activities to ensure that visible or invisible products are sold at a price that is visible and a predetermined price, as well as consumer approval and approval.

Marketing is the entire system of business activities, such as product planning, pricing, product promotion, and distribution of goods, with the aim of satisfying consumers. In short, sales are sales, and marketing is a strategy to increase sales.

In a company, of course, there is a department, department or department whose responsibility is customer service, sales, marketing, programmer, and so on. The section or department that is often debated is sales and marketing.

Many people think sales and marketing are the same part, because the functions and responsibilities are considered the same. Not only in terms of workers, some companies sometimes confuse the function of the two parts of the job. Although marketing and sales are part of a company’s revenue strategy, they are distinctly different.

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing? Are sales and marketing the same? For some people who do not understand these two areas, they may assume that they are the same. Usually people see sales and marketing as the same, namely selling products. Sales and marketing are part of the company’s strategy to achieve its goals. However, the focus of sales and marketing activities is different.

Activities and work objectives

Marketing priorities

The target or target is also a factor in the difference between sales and markets that need to be understood before choosing one of these departments. A few simple examples illustrate the differences between the two positions in carrying out the activity.

For example, at a new company, the sales team will directly contact the prospect until they find a work agreement. At the same time, the marketing team has previously made sure that the quality of the product or service provided is guaranteed so that the sales team can carry it out.

The difference between sales and marketing requires different types of workers. Since some marketing activity is behind the scenes, the people you want to analyze have many opportunities in that area.

At the same time, for those of you who like to deal directly with customers and are always friendly with (potential) customers or customers without hesitation, joining the sales team will further hone your potential.


The difference between sales and marketing can be seen from the priorities and job functions of the two departments. In terms of focus, the difference between these two positions lies in the purpose of their activities. The marketing team’s first task is to attract customers and establish good relationships with them so that they can become loyal customers.

If several large companies become regular customers of your company’s products, you can imagine a real profit. Of course, the more regular customers, the greater the profit. In addition, if the service and response of the sales team also supports the quality of the product and the customers who come, then these regular customers will attend.

The function of the sales team is to accommodate and find customers, while helping them meet their needs with the products provided. The difference in function and priority between sales and marketing is what makes the two of them work together.

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