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Mining software: an overview of the best options for your earnings

The market offers a huge range of similar software with different characteristics, so for the convenience of users, the best products have been combined in this review. Console clients from developers will be considered in the application area, that is, the main pros and cons will be revealed.

Cryptocurrency mining software

It would be wrong to just list all the available programs for mining cryptocurrencies, regardless of their level of complexity, so it’s worth starting with those developments that are within the power of experienced miners.


This Bitcoin mining program was created to be exploited by advanced users who have a processor of sufficient power and a decent video card. To work effectively with the software, you need to know the commands and meanings of MS Dos. The client has one objective minus – the program is quite difficult to learn, but there is a whole series of pluses:

  1. The developers have implemented the “overclocking” function of the video card.
  2. Pools and other user data are easily customizable.
  3. You can get the maximum MH / S value by “overclocking” the video card and increasing its speed.
  4. In order to avoid overloads, the system operating mode can be configured.

Ufasoft miner

Ufasoft Miner is also a decent console client to earn Bitcoin. It will be appreciated by users with experience, as in the previous case. It is not such a complicated setting, plus, CPU is used and optimization for SSE is implemented. In this case, the computer must be of high power. Among the obvious advantages, it is worth pointing out:

  1. You can engage not only in mining, but also use such opportunities as SolidCoin, BitFORCE and a number of others.
  2. The “user” is free to set variable data for the video card of his computer.
  3. There is a maximum temperature for stopping – by default it is 83 degrees, but these values ​​can be changed.
  4. The password and login data are easily changed, as well as the number of threads with cores.
  5. You can easily enable / disable the Long-Poling support mode.
  6. A convenient function for changing the pool address has been introduced.
  7. The software interface allows easy and intuitive configuration of all elements for the practical implementation of all tasks.

Other GPU mining software for advanced users

The developers offer a whole series of products for advanced users, as in the previous cases. To make it easier for you to search, below are offered such programs for mining on a video card with a list with a short description to simplify the choice of tools:

  • DiabloMiner can be used both on the Windows platform and on such operating systems as Mac and Linux. Supports video cards of the 79 series, plus, Nvidia, starting from 8. You will appreciate the ease of setting up pools and an easy switch between the processor and the video card, while the software can be downloaded for free.
  • The Poclbm console client is best used with an ATI graphics card. However, in practice, mining is supported on variable types of video cards and their capacities, plus, a little RAM is used. To get started, it’s enough to have about 2GB in your “arsenal”. However, there are also disadvantages, including a significant load on the processor and sensitivity to video card drivers.
  • BFGMiner offers mining only from a video card, and you can even do it from FPGA devices. To improve efficiency, you can control the speed and frequency of the cooler on your PC, as well as support scrypt, RPC and configure pools and other parameters in a few clicks, taking into account the current working conditions.
  • The program with the attractive name Phoenix is ​​famous for its high speed, thanks to the BFI_INT instruction, which increases productivity in the range of 5-20%. It is 100% free, open source, written by enthusiasts in Python. Supports RPC w / LP and MMP along with detailed statistics output. It will delight you with dynamic loading of kernels, simplicity of the interface, auto-switching to the backup server, which the user prescribes through the –b parameter.

Bitcoin mining software available even for beginners

If you are just taking your first steps in the world of mining, then the products described above will be quite complicated for you, which can only confuse you. The following programs for mining bitcoins should be more appropriate for beginners, which, however, does not exclude that they can be used in practice by more experienced users:

  • Console software 50Miner many people have already become interested, which is explained by its peculiarities. In fact, it is a “shell” for other mining programs. Observers note that many errors are hidden inside, there are problems with pools and OS workload, but beginners will be able to try out 4 miners in practice at once to their taste: Diablo, Poclbm, as well as Phoenix and Cgminer
  • Bitminter also pleases with its graphical interface, coupled with a mining pool. Both experienced miners and not so willingly work with it. It is quite easy to deal with the program, the simplicity of setting is obvious, the start is not difficult, almost any OS is supported, which allows you to become the owner of both the pool and the software at the same time.
  • Easyminer is a shell client for projects such as CGMiner and BFGMiner… Works with products ASIC and has proven itself 5+ thanks to its simple graphical interface. Works on both Windows and Android with Linux. However, you may be alarmed by a few non-standard fields for pool addresses, password and worker, but it’s easy to get used to it.
  • Finally, the list should include and Bitminter for Pcolbm and Phoenix on ASIC video cards. Users will be satisfied with the setting, start speed, graphical interface. That is why this software is actively used not only by beginners, but also by those who already have sufficient experience.

Ethereum mining software Claimors

Separately, I would like to talk a little about such a solution as a utility Claimors… She suggests mining with a video card. It is not suitable for everyone in terms of parameters, but if properly configured, it can produce excellent results. Differs in an accessible interface, variability of settings and work on different OS. So far, this software cannot be called TOP, but it definitely has great prospects.

Cloud hosting as a worthy alternative

You have seen the best mining software. And now you can increase the efficiency of your work and, accordingly, earnings. Nevertheless, as part of the review, I would like to briefly mention a worthy alternative, namely cloud mining… Its essence is that equipment is borrowed from private companies.

Mining Equipment – Cryptocurrency Farm

You earn cryptocurrencies by paying certain amounts for rent. This option has fans because of its advantages such as:

  • High availability. You can start making a profit practically “here and now”!
  • Cost minimization. You are not wasting energy, you are not upgrading your PC.
  • You yourself regulate the budget.

However, the medal always has 2 sides, there are also objective disadvantages:

  • This is a business, therefore, capacities are sold at an inflated rate, requiring in most cases an additional percentage of income.
  • In fact, if the service is closed, you will not receive your purchased equipment.

As a summary

Of course, it’s great if you like some kind of program for mining ethereum, bitcoin, and so on, but this is not a panacea. You need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse of all the changes, replenish the baggage of knowledge and experience, understand the pricing and characteristics of the cryptocurrency, otherwise it is very easy to go into the negative, and no one is interested in this.

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