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    New Year window dressing

    The tradition of decorating shop windows for the New Year holidays originated in the early 19th century. Initially, this design was a Christmas nativity scene, which was located behind glass. During the Soviet period, Christmas trees and luminous garlands were installed in showcases. Later, decoration with cartoon characters became popular, and in recent decades, stores have been competing, trying to impress passers-by with an unusual design.

    New Year’s decoration of shop windows is not only a tool for attracting customers, but also a duty. Municipalities order such works to be completed by 15 November. Moreover, in many cities the design must correspond to the general concept, and it is required that the image of a Christmas tree or a real or artificial “flattering beauty” be present in the window.

    Nevertheless, many boutiques are trying to create creative New Year’s festive decorations without violating the instructions of the city authorities.

    Design options

    When creating a design for a storefront, you need to proceed from the preferences of the target audience. Indeed, in addition to the direct function of decorating a shopping center or a city street for the holiday, it should help attract buyers and, ultimately, a sharp increase in sales before the post-Christmas calm.

    You have two options: focus on New Year’s design or use decorative elements to draw attention to the range of products on offer. In the latter case, for example, when it comes to a fashion boutique, mannequins wearing clothes from the latest fashion collections are displayed in the window. New Year’s entourage around them is created by pasting the showcase with an openwork pattern in the form of a stylized image of a Christmas tree or made on a transparent film and imitating frost.

    The New Year’s showcase can be decorated with LED figures. It gets dark early in December, so this decoration will certainly attract the attention of passers-by and make them take a closer look at the goods on display.

    Many street retail store owners are looking for ways to circumvent the requirement of some municipalities to display Christmas trees in their windows, as they take up a lot of space and do not provide an opportunity to display the range of the outlet. In such cases, real or artificial spruces are replaced by pyramids of goods, which are given the resemblance to a New Year’s tree, decorating the resulting structure with a luminous garland.

    A Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling will also look original. At the same time, some designers suggest placing the spruce with its top down. Recently, Christmas trees from balloons have become fashionable. Options from round balls painted with silver paint look especially beautiful.

    When applying different sales technologies, you need to remember that your goal is to keep them high all the time. This means that the customer should leave you with the best possible experience and want to come back to your store again. To do this, it is very important to politely say goodbye to the client and thank him for the purchase.


    When creating a festive window dressing, the following guidelines should be followed:

    • Use traditional “New Year” colors: white, blue, silver, gold and red.
    • The arrangement of goods and decor elements should be balanced, without piling up in one place and the presence of “white spots”.
    • Do not try to “fill up” the showcase with a large number of products.
    • The design of the showcase of any store should have a focus, that is, the main point that will attract the attention of passers-by. If there is a lot of space, then there can be several tricks, but no more than 4.
    • Festive decoration presupposes good lighting, which can be created with the help of spotlights and garlands.
    • The New Year’s window decoration should be divided into three zones: background, center and foreground. The latter is understood as glass on which a drawing can be applied.
    • You should not use a large number of New Year’s attributes at once. It is not recommended to install a Christmas tree, Figures of Santa Claus, Snow Maidens, deer, etc. in one showcase. The shiny tinsel used to decorate “home” Christmas trees will also look cheap. Such a design will be appropriate only in a provincial children’s goods store.

    Creative ideas for decoration

    New Year’s decoration of the shop window will be successful if you turn on your imagination. Large European and American stores annually spend huge sums on salaries of designers who create unusual decor for their windows.

    Even if you do not have the opportunity to send large sums to invite a specialist, you can spy on ideas on the Internet and in specialized magazines. For example, it is a good idea to make themed New Year’s decoration of stores as a whole, that is, to decorate the shop window, facade, signboard and sales area in the same style and combine them with a single concept.

    It will be interesting to look at a showcase in the form of a dollhouse with windows at different levels, behind each of which a separate scene is decorated: children decorate a Christmas tree, Santa Claus puts toys in stockings, etc.

    You can build a train with platforms laden with bows that mimic gift boxes.

    Children will love the reindeer sled. If creating such a composition is an impossible task for you in terms of financial costs, then you can depict them on glass.

    An original idea for a festive decoration is to set a large dial with arrows indicating midnight. If it is beautifully illuminated, it will look great in the evening.

    We hope that the recommendations and ideas presented in this article will help you distinguish your store from others, and provide a high income from the pre-New Year trade.

    Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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