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A poll by VTsIOM at the end of 2020 showed that about 70% of Russians switched to economy mode. Many find themselves in a situation where saving is a forced measure. And it happened to me once: my husband lost his job when our first daughter was born. 5 years have passed since then. Now our income allows us to buy whatever we want. However, the savings remained – only my attitude to the process changed. The methods I use save money without hurting my family. I tell you:

About the banal: buy only what you need.

I plan all expenses in advance, write notes on my phone. For example, if I see that the stock of buckwheat is coming to an end, or socks have already lived their lives, I add to the list. Write it down right away, otherwise you will definitely not remember later. When I’m in a store, I don’t get lost: I don’t feel like collecting nonsense when you see that there is not even salt, tea and pasta at home. This happens with food, clothing, baby products. It’s not easy at first, but then it’s even fun!

Promotions, wholesale and supplies: no fanaticism, but profitable.

I confess, earlier I was also led on these “special” offers. Now I look at stocks with a sober look. If I see that a product that I constantly use is being sold at a discount, then I will gladly take a couple of packages. This happens only with the necessary goods. Buy goods in the off-season: winter clothes, shoes, goods for the summer cottage. Prices are always encouraging. A year ago, I subscribed to blogs on the Internet that highlight new discounts and promotions in stores.


We managed to save more than 10 thousand rubles on this. Don’t go to all the nearby stores looking for a cheaper product – just waste your time. And so in a couple of minutes you will see the best deals. I recommend taking a closer look.
The other day I bought good diapers for a child with a 50% discount. I took 2 large packs at once. They certainly won’t go bad. In general, everything that does not deteriorate for a long time can be safely purchased for future use.

Selling and buying used things is not a shame.

After a couple of years of living together, a lot of things accumulated that were idle. As usual: you think that someday it will come in handy, but you yourself do not know where it came from in the house and why. She timidly posted the first ad. It seemed that since we didn’t need it, no one needed it. But people started buying! This is just a find: our things will benefit someone, and with the proceeds, you can buy something you need on the same site.

For example, I bought a child car seat for my youngest daughter quite profitably on the Internet. The man even brought him to my house. When, a year later, I again put up an order for sale at the same price, then after 6 hours other people bought the chair.


Return money for purchases.

Since October 2018, we switched to the cards of the bank, which returns part of the spent amounts. At first, it seemed that cashback was some kind of penny. Didn’t bother. And then a year later I calculated all the received cash and was shocked: a nice amount had accumulated. Since then, I have been following all the offers that appear in the bank’s application.

Give up bad habits.

My husband has often said before that we work enough to rest. But once calculating how much we spend a year on harmful hobbies, we figured that this money would be enough for a trip to Bali. Try it too – it strongly motivates you to make daring changes. If we forget all the excuses that we use to justify smoking, alcohol, energy and fast food, then it turns out that we are torturing ourselves for our own money.

What is the bottom line.

Savings are often associated with tough times in life. But there is also another side of it – reasonable consumption. When you spend wisely, the money saved can be set aside, invested, or spent on things that really matter to you and your family.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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