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Request for Quote is a letter from a prospective buyer to a seller or supplier. This request letter is designed to ask for information about the items needed and will be purchased. Usually, prospective buyers will write down questions or questions or information about what is needed for the transaction. Information such as information; inventory of products and brands and their specifications, price lists, how to order and pay, discount packages, etc.


A Request for Quote is a letter written by a prospective buyer to a seller with the aim of asking for information about the goods to be purchased. In the quote, the prospective buyer can write down the information needed to make a transaction.

Generally, general information needed by prospective buyers, such as price lists, product availability or capacity, quality, payment terms, discounts, maintenance methods, etc. Therefore, a request for quotation is a letter containing requests for information or information (prices, discounts, payments, etc.) from prospective buyers to sellers.

In addition to a letter requesting a quotation, actually information about the items needed can also be conveyed through a catalog or price list contained in a price list request letter. In essence, the two types of letters are the same.

Letter Format

An official Request for Quote letter must have the following letter format:

  • Kop. Contains company / agent information. Company logo, company name, company address, contact person (telephone, email, website, social media, etc.).
  • Headmaster. The date of issuance of the letter, letter number, subject, attachments, and address of destination of the letter.
  • Opening speech. Example; Dear Sirs, / Assalamu’alaikum Wr. b
  • Content of letter. Contains a core article asking for information or necessary information about prices, goods or services.
  • Closing. Appeals and wishes for cooperation, our final greetings.
  • Sender. Sincerely, sender’s name and title, signature and stamp.


Request for Quotation

The main function of supply demand is to provide consideration before buyers make purchases. In this way, we can choose and buy products that suit our finances and needs. Before starting a quote request, it is best to develop a clear and accurate plan.

The plan also needs to contain complete and clear information so that the seller can clearly understand the needs of the prospective buyer. When sending an offer letter, it is necessary to pay attention to clearly and completely the main points of the content in the book. There are several important things that need to be considered in a general requirement letter, namely:

  • The type of item needed.
  • Number of items required.
  • Provide as many high quality goods and samples as possible.
  • Give a discount.
  • Shipping and payment terms.

If you already know the contents of the request letter to be submitted. Then, the following guidelines on how to make a good quote request can be used to quickly construct a quote request:

  • A detailed description of the products or items required is required.
  • State clearly the reason for the offer letter to the traveler.
  • By displaying all data related to the items needed, it is better if the seller or reader provides the items we need.
  • The letter ends on a friendly note, showing the mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties. For example, expressing gratitude or appreciation.

In practice, prospective buyers can immediately ask for quotation letters to be sent to many companies. It’s okay to keep the buyer’s interest in mind, namely to get the most profitable offer.

Sample Request for Quote Letter-1

Request for Quotation

An example of this business letter asking for a quote from a department store or TOSERBA BUNAKEN to PT Borobudur is a list of prices for cosmetics and toiletries.

Number: 003 / SPPDH / TB / I / 2020

Subject: Request a Price List

Bandung, January 1, 2020

Sales Manager
Jalan Kali Malang 12, Jakarta

With respect,

Based on the information we have obtained from the PT Borobudur website, we are interested in purchasing certain products that you provide.

Therefore, we ask you to submit a list of prices for cosmetics and toiletries, as well as the method of purchase and payment system. Considering that this product is very much needed by our company to carry out business activities, we hope that you can send a price list to Jakarta Timur Aran Afrika 15 before January 2nd.

Therefore, we submit this letter with the hope of establishing a good cooperative relationship. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best regards,

Tiyarman Gulo, SH

Sample Request for Quote Letter-2

“PT sent a sample request for this quote. AZ-ZAHRA Indonesia in Indonesia. PADANGLARANG FURNITURE aims to ask for offers of furniture products, as well as furniture price lists and sample photos. “

PT. AZ-ZAHRA Indonesia
Jl. Cokroaminoto No.271 Tel / Fax (021) 775201

Jakarta, April 10, 2020

Number: 2767/7 / BCB / IV / 2020
Attachments: –
Subject: Demand for Supply of Goods

Dear. PD. Padang Lalang Furniture
Jl. Soekarno Hatta (No.261)

With respect,

We are happy to inform you that our company is opening a new branch on Jl. Soekarno Hatta 120, Padang. However, Az-Zahra Padang’s marketing office is not equipped with office equipment.

According to one of our marketers, PD. Padanglarang Furniture is the best furniture craftsman in Padang. In this regard, we hereby send you a price list (and pictures) of classic furniture details to complement Az-Zahra Padang office supplies.

As this is our first contact with your company, we ask you to provide the following information:

  1. Payment terms;
  2. Delivery terms;
  3. Give a discount;
  4. And sample cargo;

Thank you for your attention, we thank you.

Best regards,

Tiyarman Gulo, SH
President Director

Sample Request for Quote Letter-3

Number: BA / AC / 25

Kelapa Gading, February 25, 2018

PT. Guna India
Rawamangun, Jakarta

Dear Bu Morning:

Satisfies people’s appetite for food (especially high-quality bread) in Jakarta and its surroundings, and has diverse tastes. Here we introduce you that we are a company engaged in the production of high quality bread. Since 19 February 2018, we have named this bakery company RELISTA BREAD which is located in Passion, North Jakarta.

Since the establishment of our company, we will ask you about the following companies:

  1. What promotions are suitable for our products?
  2. When is the time right?
  3. What media can I sell?
  4. Does the equipment need to be promoted?
  5. The total cost of the promotion?

Hope you want to answer and answer my questions. Thank you.

Best regards,

Tiyarman Gulo, SH
General manager


This is our interpretation of the meaning of the Request for Quote letter. Hopefully what we describe on this blog will find useful insights.

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