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The Salary Slip application that is integrated with the payroll application in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) can be said to be a very important function for the company. However, because the system is automated, implementing it can make complex payroll accounting processes more practical. In addition, HRIS software makes the process of calculating basic salaries, benefits, overtime pay, taxes, and remittances to employees easier and faster.

The application of payroll is one of the new innovations to regulate the distribution of wages. For employees of a company, salary is the remuneration that the company must provide for their work. There are many elements to wages, varying in size and type, and should be explained to employees. Therefore, it is important to make payroll managers aware of examples of employee pay slips that can be edited to facilitate the creation of pay slips.

The importance of a pay cut as proof of salary

Regarding the payroll, it seems very simple. However, it turns out that this is very important because it affects employee satisfaction and perceptions of the transparency or fairness of the wages received. In addition, this pay slip is also clear evidence that the company has paid its employees.

In fact, because of the importance of payroll documents, the government has regulated them in current Indonesian legislation. Indeed, the obligation to provide remuneration is not clearly regulated in Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower and Government Regulation Number 78 of 2015 concerning Wages.

The regulation stipulates that employers (employers) must provide proof of payment of salaries to employees. Payroll certificates contain salary details, including deductions from the employee. Therefore, in order to comply with government regulations, companies must periodically provide salary slips as proof of payment to employees, without requiring the employee’s requirements.

The importance of company employee payroll

Employee salaries are given in accordance with the agreement agreed at the beginning of the work contract. This amount is influenced by many factors in the salary itself, which will be explained in the employee’s payroll. Generally, payroll is defined as a detailed list of the elements of salary and all deductions that have to be paid.

Both parties (the company and the employees themselves) need payroll as financial manager. Meanwhile, for salaried employees, pay slips are also used as control over the nominal salary that must be brought home. In payroll, everything is explained in detail, starting from the basic salary, benefits, credit limit, BPJS deductions or others.

Correct payroll format according to the Salary Slip Application

Salary Slip Application

All elements of income and deductions should be written on the payroll so that a clear payroll format can be written. There are many examples of employee pay slips that can be edited and obtained online at any time, which anyone can use.

The payroll format itself is very different, and every company is different. Usually, the pay slip format contains several important elements that are included in the employee’s salary. The following is data on employee payroll examples that can be edited as needed:

  • Basic salary. Basic salary is the amount of basic salary that must be paid by employers to employees based on the position and type of work. After all, monthly payments are paid to employees, including employees requesting leave.
  • allowance. Allowances are all benefits provided to employees and paid in the form of a monthly salary. For example, transportation subsidies, food subsidies, health and other benefits.
  • Other income. Other income refers to income other than the basic salary that an employee is certain to earn. For example, a salesperson will get additional income for sales. Well, this is what is called other income from the employee, and it must also be included in the payroll.
  • Reduce debt. If the employee has a good loan from the bank and the payment is automatic payable from wages, the “debt discount” element will appear. Usually, a loan like this is a payroll bank loan, and employee salaries are paid through the bank.
  • income tax. An equally important element is income tax, which has to be paid annually and is usually deducted once a month. Income tax will be displayed on the payroll of employees whose income exceeds the non-taxable income determined by the government.

Benefits of Using Salary Slip Application Payroll Maker

Salary Slip Application

Indonesian regulations do not regulate proof of salary payment that must be given to employees. Government Regulation Number 78 of 2015 only regulates the details of salaries that must be included in the salary list. Documents that must be paper documents or other forms are not subject to supervision. Nowadays, payroll maker applications can accommodate payroll production in the form of paper copies or digital files. Its use can provide at least the following 5 benefits:

Make payroll more efficient

The use of a payroll generation application that is integrated with a payroll application will make the payroll creation process more efficient. Because there is no need to enter data on basic salary, allowances, overtime pay and deductions manually. Click once or twice to generate salaries for all employees. The digital form can also simplify the cost of printing employee salary slips, because not all pay slips need to be printed.

Payroll application is safer because it is cloud based

By using a payroll creation application, employee income data will be safer because it is encrypted in the cloud. Use the Payroll feature to save money and transfer salaries to all accounts without having to pay administrator fees. Other unauthorized parties cannot access employee income data.

The online system makes it more accessible (easily accessible)

For the employee salary submission process, use an application such as Talenta, which has an employee self-service system. Therefore, payroll can be sent to each employee via the app. This way, employees can use the tools they use to check their earnings anytime and anywhere without having to go to finance or human resources development departments.

Payroll generator application makes it easy for HR to manage and allocate salaries.

With a payroll creation application, HRD can easily manage and allocate employee salaries. Due to automatic in-app processes, you can reduce previously time-consuming and resource-consuming tasks. Some of the application’s features can also minimize errors, thus making work more effective.

Integration with the HRIS system

Data integration is the main advantage of a payroll application. For example, the payroll application is integrated with the payroll application and employee database in HRIS. This will make it easier for the HRD department to access data on employee salaries, account numbers and email addresses, which is very useful for remittances and remittances.

Salary Slip Application Conclusion

Not all HRIS applications have payroll applications that are integrated with payroll applications. Which has this feature is the HRD JojoPayroll application. To find out more about the JojoPayroll application, you can learn about the features available at Jojonomic.

Salary Slip Application

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