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Shopping baskets for stationery

In the season of increased consumer demand for stationery, correctly selected baskets for buyers can not only increase customer loyalty, but also directly affect the amount of the average check.
In the season of high demand for stationery, correctly selected shopping baskets can not only increase customer loyalty, but also directly affect the amount of the average check.
By the first of September, families usually buy actively, a lot, and with the most diverse goods, from rods to backpacks. Naturally, a convenient basket (and in large areas, as in Zebra, and a cart) becomes a guarantee of the convenience of visitors. And, undoubtedly, a tool for increasing sales.

Profit basket

The fact that the presence of a basket in the hands directly affects the buying behavior has been recognized for a long time. As an example: the Retail4Retail company conducted a large-scale research in 5 Russian retail chains of the federal level in 2009-2011.
As shown by this study, the average check of a customer who entered the hall empty-handed was 159-189 rubles (prices, of course, ten years ago, but we are talking about a trend). But those who did not pass by the trade equipment in the form of these very baskets left at the checkout from 386 to 556 rubles. The difference is obvious.
The full study can be found on the Retail4Retail website in the “Press” section.
In the case of office supplies, you need to take into account the high percentage of spontaneous purchases. The products are bright, aesthetically pleasing, potentially useful and have a long shelf life. Even adults often impulsively take “for later” a beautiful diary, pen, table stand. And what can we say about children, with whom, as a rule, parents come to buy “everything for school.” An inconvenient shopping cart or its absence reduces the percentage of realized impulse purchases.

More or less?

In the case of stationery, it is worth picking up baskets, as elsewhere, based on the specifics of the assortment. The office, as a rule, is a piece product, in its mass, small in size and light in weight. Accordingly, the use of large-capacity baskets seems redundant. A 30-liter container as a whole is quite appropriate – it will not wrinkle drawing books, a backpack will fit, while it is not bulky. It is also possible to use baskets-trolleys with wheels of the same displacement.
However, let’s make a reservation: the final decision depends on the area and characteristics of the catalog. If it contains a lot of bulky teaching aids like globes, a cart is also appropriate. But at the moment we are considering the acquisition of an average family for the school season, and not the purchase of attributes for educational institutions.
Don’t miss anything

It is preferable for office supply stores to have plastic baskets with a blank bottom or very fine mesh available to the customer. For a very understandable reason: a miniature product will not fall out through the net. A pen, a pencil, a tube of glue, a bookmark – all these little things get lost too easily. For the same reason, metal mesh baskets for office supplies are not suitable in principle.

Baby carts

Since the range of office supplies is designed largely for children and adolescents, it would be correct to provide for the presence of baby carts in the store. But not those in which you can put a baby, but models that are a reduced copy of an adult’s trolley – by 15 liters. The child, imitating mom and dad, pushes such a model in front of him, becoming a full participant in the acquisition process. At the same time, a small customer does not interfere with the rest of the visitors, and this is important when you consider that families come not only with schoolchildren, but also with their younger brothers and sisters.


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