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On days of mass events or weekends, when a lot of people go out to shop or visit the event venues, street vending can even be super effective as a way to sell goods and attract additional customer traffic. Sellers and manufacturers, having permanent places of sale and even shops, arrange pavilions for street trading in order to be closer to potential consumers. Street trading promotes familiarization of the buyer with the assortment and prices, allows you to satisfy curiosity, to look closely, touch and make a purchase, without the pressure from the consultant, which you experience in the store.

It’s not just food and agricultural products. Today, this type of activity as a way of selling goods is chosen for a wide range of offers:

  • clothes and shoes;
  • confectionery;
  • seeds, seedlings and gardening tools;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • household chemicals;
  • hygiene items.

This also includes similar activities carried out outside the premises: trade from tents, stalls, from cars, when a van is used, as well as trade from trailers. Inventory and equipment for street trading should be light and mobile in order to be able to install demonstration structures and display assortments on a daily basis.

Various equipment

High-quality and inexpensive trade equipment is the key to successful business activities in the framework of the sale of goods outside the covered premises. Thanks to street trading, you can significantly increase sales and increase customer traffic. The online store “LITSTYLE” specializes in commercial equipment for popular areas:

  • clothing and footwear;
  • underwear, baby products;
  • confectionery, grocery;
  • cosmetics and perfumery.

For each direction, equipment for trade in street conditions has its own specifics. The assortment should be conveniently presented to the consumer and at the same time protected from the effects of precipitation, dust and wind. Street trade in summer heat or winter frost implies equipment that contributes to the creation of conditions favorable for the goods, preserving their consumer properties unchanged.

A high-quality retail space does not require a lot of effort from the seller to set up and assemble the counter at the end of the working day. It is always a presentable look that is easy to maintain (inspection bodies pay attention to the condition of the trading place), materials are durable, lightweight, resistant to corrosion processes. Tents, awnings, counters – depending on the product, you need to choose the appropriate type of construction, which will ensure a high-quality presentation of the product and the convenience of the seller.

Even if you decide to open a tent on the street, remember that the buyer should be able to inspect or try on the product. Organize a comfortable space for the fitting room, cosmetics and perfume testers. At the same time, the goods should be in your field of vision without “blind” zones – street trading is associated with the likelihood of theft from the counter. Take care of the safety of your property and the bag of the buyer busy with the fitting.

Is the equipment for trading on the street expensive?

When a decision is made to start trading in street conditions, the first thing that interests an entrepreneur is the cost of equipment. After all, this is one of the expense items in addition to buying goods, renting a place and other expenses that accompany the organization of a retail business. It all depends on the specifics of the goods and your needs. Someone gets by with an inexpensive awning and a folding table, while others buy racks and mannequins for the presentation of clothes and shoes. In addition, conditions are required for the storage of goods. An important role in the formation of the cost of equipment is played by the material and the manufacturer. Acquisition costs should not overlap the profit that you plan to receive, everything should correspond to real requirements and common sense.

Choosing a reliable company as a supplier of equipment for selling your goods on the street, whose activities have been tested by time and long-term cooperation with sellers of various levels, you can expect a successful, profitable activity.

Features of the current regulations

There are regions of the Russian Federation in which local legislation introduces an absolute ban on this type of activity. Street trading rules are spelled out in the local legislation of each region, therefore, they may differ in terms of requirements and the amount of penalties for violation of the administrative order. Street trading cannot be carried out spontaneously. We are not talking about pensioners offering crops from the garden, they even try to organize grandmothers in strictly designated places.

Those who first became concerned with the problem of how to obtain permission for the sale and sale of goods and want to draw up all the documents properly, need to submit an application-request to the department of the consumer market. List of required documents:

  • By organization, individual entrepreneur: certificates of registration with the tax authority; on entry into the state register of legal entities; a certificate confirming the absence of debt to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, the passport of the organization. It is necessary to provide copies of orders for the appointment of the general director and chief accountant of the organization with fully registered full names; on the appointment of a person in charge of civil defense. A copy of the organization’s charter (stitched, certified by the seal of a notary or lawyer of the organization). Agreement: constituent organization, lease or certificate of ownership; for garbage collection from the place of trade;
  • For SES: sanitary passport; the goods must have a SES conclusion on safety, the list is agreed with the inspection authority; obligatory logs of sanitary inspection.
  • Fire safety: logs for conducting briefings on fire safety; fire safety certificates and compliance with established standards for goods included in the list for mandatory certification.
  • Migration Service: citizens of foreign countries – confirmation of registration with a permit (not a patent) of the FMS to carry out labor activities.

This is a standard list, however, it is better to first clarify directly with the administrative institution what documents are required to be provided in order to obtain permission. Consultation with the direct supervisor will also be useful, because, as previously mentioned, the requirements may differ depending on the region.

Features of the Street Vending Law

The potential seller must inform the Federal Service for Supervision of Human Welfare and Consumer Rights Protection about the retail trade. The procedure for obtaining a permit for street trading is regulated by the relevant Government Decree. According to the law, street trade is allocated specially landscaped places on a separate territory. This organization allows you to control sanitary and epidemiological, fire and road safety. The law protects the rights of officially registered entrepreneurs from unauthorized “competitors” who sometimes cannot provide the proper documents for the product offered to the consumer.

Competently and timely executed documents for this type of activity and high-quality, modern, reliable equipment make it possible to provide services for the sale of goods on the street that are comfortable for consumers and profitable for sellers.

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