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Everyone dreams of becoming rich, but statistics show that only a very small percentage of people realize this dream. What happens to most of them that their dream doesn’t come true? To answer the question of why this happens, it is worth thinking about how a person behaves, what he does, paying more attention to repetitive actions, since they are much more significant than individual actions. And repetitive actions are best detected by human habits. Therefore, this article will look at the habits of poor people.

First habit.

It is that the poor spend all the money they have, or even more. Rich and poor alike work for money. However, the poor do not understand that it is not only how much he earns that makes the rich rich, but also how much he saves and how much he increases his accumulated capital. Most people spend whatever they earn. Even if the poor are saving money, this is only for a more expensive purchase, but by no means for investment. An even worse option is when they spend what they have not even earned, that is, they take out a loan or buy something in installments.

Second habit.

It lies in the fact that poor people only think about survival. They usually give up many of their needs and eventually get used to them. Most of the poor do not look for ways to increase their income to a level sufficient to meet all their needs. They prefer to give up luxury goods, limit their free time, and save even at the expense of their health.


Third habit.

Expect a financial miracle. As a result, most people are inclined to gambling, various lotteries and other dubious projects that promise fabulous income without large capital investments and efforts. Expecting money to fall from the sky is not the best option because the chances of it happening are very low.

The only ones who really make money from it are casino, lottery or project organizers, as well as gambling professionals who have spent a lot of time and effort learning how to generate a stable income from gambling. While the poor wait for such success, the rich work and achieve their own success.

Fourth habit.

Poor people find reasons and excuses not to act. They don’t realize that the more they move away from action, the worse their financial situation will be. Such people blame others and circumstances for their financial situation.

Fifth habit.

Poor people don’t think about how to make money. They don’t have ideas to make money from, they don’t even take the time to create them. Most of the poor do not know or do not notice how to produce a product, a service for which others would be willing to pay money, based on their knowledge, hobbies, tools, qualities, needs of people.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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