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Two E: wood and wicker equipment

3 august 2018
Such equipment is somewhat apart. It is associated not only with the specifics of the product and the type of organization, but also with the formation of status in the eyes of the consumer. 1-Environmental friendliness

Natural material – wood and vine – with a safe coating is indispensable in the presentation of bakery products, first of all. Even in large chains, where such products are individually packaged, simple wooden racks are used. And if we are talking about bulk goodies, then it is difficult to imagine other options.

The popularity of private bakeries and pastry shops is growing. “Handmade biscuits”, “homemade pies”, “bread from the Russian oven”, “from the clay oven” – a proposal that is positioned as a piece and has very strict requirements for freshness and storage conditions. Breathable real wood is the only “source” that can fit this segment. Elitism

The aforementioned pastry shops and bakeries distance themselves from “cheap bread”, they are focused on the buyer who is willing to spend more to
feel your own success and consistency. With the relative high cost of this type of equipment, its use is fully combined with the veil of “elitism”, “chosenness” of small industries that declare higher quality standards. The most delicious and lush cheesecake made from high-quality raw materials in an advertised institution will lose its attractiveness if it waits for the eater on a plastic beige surface. Not to mention the dissonance that will overwhelm the gourmet with such a blatant discrepancy.

The Selling Power of Nature

Wooden and wicker racks, racks, etc. remain an effective method of presenting brands and products that emphasize their “naturalness”. Wooden baskets and trade furniture can be found in natural cosmetics stores and vegetarian stores. This is where the material becomes a way to reinforce and highlight the promoted product benefits. Thus, it generally fits into the promotion strategy.

Ho-Re-Ca and design

Wooden shelving can become an independent design solution in catering points that create an atmosphere “like a grandmother’s”, “a European village”, “home cooking”. Here they can be used not only for displaying and selling actual items. For example, in Rostov-on-Don, a cafe, which built its image on associations with German village cuisine, used wooden containers to accommodate dummies of pastries, sausages and sausages, as well as cans with canned food. It should be noted that it looked more than appropriate.

Wooden and wicker equipment creates a feeling of comfort and warmth. For cafes and restaurants, waking up this feeling in visitors is fundamentally: it directly affects the time spent in the hall, additional orders and, as a result, the average bill.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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