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The main way to demonstrate the assortment of available goods for stores was and remains showcases. Their design and updating is carried out in accordance with clear rules: composition, placement of samples, decoration, specifics of the store. Buyers should be aware of new products, seasonal assortment, highly specialized categories of goods, as well as names participating in promotions. Sellers make sure that the exposition changes from 1 time per month. The buyer should see updates, reception so that he would not even have to go to the store. The attractiveness of the product, its safety and relevance largely depends on the quality of the showcase.

Types of showcases for showrooms and small shops

What types of shop windows are offered to business owners in the field of trade? First of all, these are models of open and closed types:

  • The former can be placed directly in the sales area, so that customers can not only visually, but also tactilely get acquainted with the offered product – pick it up, read the label, touch it. This gives a great opportunity to motivate to buy.
  • The second category uses the principle of secrecy – access to the product is limited, you can only look at it, and you can get contact with the product only by attracting a seller. Such options are used for expensive, highly specialized goods.

Another option for classifying commercial equipment according to the type of product inspection ability:

  • Showcases are wall-mounted or with a blank back wall, giving an exclusively frontal view. They use beautiful lighting and mirror inserts for better light reflection.
  • Through-products are typical for shops with spacious sales areas or island departments in shopping centers. This type of showcase allows the buyer to inspect the product from all sides without touching it. In addition, while continuing to move through the department, a person will periodically cling to his eye for the thing he likes, which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

The types of showcases should fit into the overall concept of the interior of the sales area, so that the buyer has the impression of a single harmonious space. They must ensure a high-quality product display, correspond to the status of the promoted brands and maintain the consumer qualities of the assortment.

Showcases for food and perishable goods

For grocery stores, confectionery, meat and fish pavilions, the category of refrigerated display cabinets is in demand. Types of refrigerated display cases can be divided into universal and branded. The latter are often in demand in branded pastry shops, when the equipment needs to match the broadcast image. The equipment is designed to combine 2 functions – product demonstration and maintenance of the temperature regime, which contributes to the safety of products.

Refrigerated display cases are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Open – buyers have access to the product, the ability to pick it up, read the label. These types of refrigerated display cabinets are familiar from hypermarkets.
  • Closed – the sale is carried out exclusively through the counter through the mediation of the seller. Refrigerated closed display cases are used for bulk goods, semi-finished products.

The refrigerated display case can also be horizontal or vertical. Chests with sliding panels and boxes (refrigerators) equipped with glass doors have long been an integral part of hypermarkets and stores specializing in food. An important quality of a refrigerated trade showcase is considered invisibility for the buyer of equipment that maintains the temperature regime.

Refrigerated trade showcase may differ in temperature conditions:

  • Deep freeze – for semi-finished products, dumplings, meat and fish products. The power of the freezing equipment is capable of maintaining temperatures down to -20aboutC, which contributes to long-term storage
  • Medium frozen – confectionery, cooking;
  • Maintaining a cooling regime for dairy products;
  • Combined type – allows you to customize programs for maintaining optimal temperature conditions.

The refrigerated type of showcases can vary in capacity: be single-tier, two-tier or multi-tier. Also, the cases are subdivided into narrow, medium and wide – the latter can reach a width of 120 cm.

The most popular type is combined. It makes it possible to regulate the temperature regime depending on the needs of the store. The range of freezers allows you to trade even in the hot season. In the summer, mobile types of refrigeration equipment become relevant, allowing you to successfully carry out street trading.

How to choose showcases for a store

When completing a store, it is first of all recommended to proceed from the peculiarities of the retail space. How spacious or limited space is at your disposal. Remember to use space efficiently, ergonomics should be applied not only in relation to the seller’s workplace, but also in relation to the movement of the buyer. The types of trade counters are varied, you need to understand which showcases will be most effective in your case. The trading process is two-way, it should be convenient for all participants.

Explore what showcases are, if possible, try similar samples in action. Is the product visible, is it convenient to get it with the average height of an ordinary customer? If your audience is children, then they should clearly see the assortment of the store. The equipment is classified according to various criteria, so as not to get confused, make a list of priority qualities for you. It is not forbidden to visit competitors and see their design options. If, as a buyer, you realized that you are satisfied with the option or liked the quality, then you can choose this type for your store.

A trade display case must also comply with security conditions – the goods in it must be protected from accidental damage or theft. If the assortment implies expensive or highly specialized products, medicines, then the shop window should be closed with a lock, the key to which is from the seller. The safety requirement applies to all types of equipment, regardless of configuration and purpose.

Pay attention to the materials from which the showcase is made. It must fully comply with the requirements and standards for storing goods. Depending on the type of product, different thicknesses of MDF sheets, plastic or profiles are used. The calculation is made based on the weight of the item being displayed. Lingerie is much lighter than men’s warm jackets or paint cans. Focus on the specifics of sales and features of demonstrating the consumer properties of the product

All corners and edges must be carefully processed to avoid injury and damage to the assortment. The showcase should provide the seller with access to the goods. A situation should not be allowed when it is inconvenient for the buyer to get the item he likes. If the buyer has to wait a long time, he will most likely leave for another store. Sellers should take care of the peculiarities of product placement and design, relying on knowledge of the mechanisms of perception and formation of needs.

LITSTYLE manufactures and supplies shop windows for all types of shops: open, closed, refrigerated. Own production allows us to manufacture demonstration trade equipment of any design and complexity – sawing and edging are performed with high precision on modern equipment using high-quality materials. We supply equipment for stores from trusted suppliers from China – affordable prices, quality and presentable appearance, ideal qualities when choosing goods for store decoration. We have our own logistics service dealing with the delivery of orders to the consumer by our own transport, we use courier delivery services.

We are glad to cooperate, in our catalog you will find any types of trade showcases you need for the presentation of goods in stores of various types.

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