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How to choose outdoor equipment?

More than one generation street trade is considered a profitable business and is relevant all year round.

And all this is only because it does not require large start-up investments and has minimal risks of losses.

Therefore, every novice businessman is interested in this type of activity. Examines the specifics, capabilities, features and advantages of trading on the street… Compares the facts and begins to understand: there are pitfalls and difficulties in street trading.

Selling something on the street and providing a decent level of service is a very time-consuming business that requires due attention to the client, but opening such a trading format is much easier, faster, and cheaper.

Features and benefits of trading on the street

  1. Street trade relevant almost at any time of the year.
  2. Initial investments of funds and risks of financial losses are minimal.
  3. Street trading is available to everyone who is interested in making quick money and developing their business.
  4. In the absence of demand for the product, you will always have the opportunity to quickly change the location.
  5. Fairs, city festivities and direct contact with the consumer will allow you to establish yourself as a reliable, respectable seller and increase interest in your products.

Earning money on the street has its own advantages and characteristics that should be considered before starting a business.

Regardless of the chosen direction and type of activity, it is necessary to focus on equipment for street trading and choose the right one.

What should you pay attention to when choosing equipment?

  • Ease of installation / assembly.
  • Simplicity and comfort in operation.
  • Convenience of transportation and storage.
  • Ease of cleaning, resistance to dirt, weather conditions.

IN street trade business mobility is very important – the ability to quickly place a trade object, if necessary, move equipment to a new location. Prefabricated trading systems should be as convenient as possible for sellers and buyers, providing an overview of the goods, provide sufficient space, be safe and reliable in everyday life.

Street trade – a profitable business that requires a competent organization. Having rented a place with good traffic of potential customers, you need to establish:

    1. Tents for street trade – a tent equipped with an awning perfectly shades the showcase, reliably protects products from rain and the scorching sun. Such products are easy to fold and unfold quickly, are affordable in price, and do not require a lot of storage space.

When choosing tents for street trade, we recommend that you pay attention to models that are lightweight, quickly set up and are not easily soiled in color.

Such prefabricated trading systems will serve you for more than one year, will be convenient for both the owner and the end consumer.

    1. Filling the trade tents – street sales do not imply and do not require a large amount of trading equipment. It is enough to place tables and chairs for street trading, folding structure or stationary type in the tents. Shelving or the same trays. For the sale of a large number of small goods, practical ones will be: acrylic trays, scales, portable refrigerators, as well as hooks and chains fixed on the grid.

  1. If you plan to work in sales, without price tags and etiquette pistols you can’t do it. The etiquette gun can be purchased once, it is easy to use, does not require special skills and will help to put information on the label / price tag, securely fixing them on the product. Manufacturers offer different models, which differ only in parameters and price.

The furniture should leave a feeling of comfort and practicality, we recommend considering equipment of a collapsible and one-piece type:

    • Collapsible tables, chairs, counters, benches easily transported, installed, disassembled, do not take up much space during storage and, if necessary, can be easily moved to another place.

Important: plastic equipment is budgetary, but it should be borne in mind that it is considered the most fragile product. More durable models will be structures on a metal frame or wooden products.

  • One-piece equipment includes non-separable structures without the presence of moving elements: welded from metal, carved from solid wood, wicker and designer models made from pressed material: wood shavings, plywood.

Such items do not have vulnerable and often breakable elements, they serve longer than prefabricated furniture. However, it is almost impossible to repair a solid item. One-piece structures will require more space for transport and storage.

After carefully reading our material, everyone begins to understand that street trade Is a quick start and a good investment. Choose equipment and grow your business!

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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