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Although the economic situation is slowly improving, most buyers have cut costs and are shopping responsibly. It is extremely important to decide what is profitable to trade. If you are going to open your own store, this article will help.

!Several considerations

Experienced retail entrepreneurs advise against getting too excited about their new business. Some novice businessmen, opening a small retail outlet, already see themselves as owners of a supermarket chain. Moreover, according to their calculations, such a transformation is expected within the next couple of years.

Such projections, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are expected to fail, and they bring disappointment to their creators.

Not being among them will help to treat your first store as a simulator on which you can gain experience, and, ideally, also increase your capital. The easiest way to do this is to learn from the experience of other businesspeople.

As one of the first successful entrepreneurs in modern Russia said, if someone sells something, then you can just stand by and sell cheaper. However, everything is interconnected, therefore, putting on the price tags the amount much less than that of competitors, you will not be able to recoup your expenses for maintaining the store and purchasing goods from wholesalers. In addition, “experienced” stores probably have regular suppliers who work with them on special terms.

In any case, it is better to retail goods that are traditionally in high demand than to sell novelties in the store, the promotion of which will be expensive.

Also note that the success of a retail business is more influenced not by what the store sells, but by its location. At the same time, the cost of renting premises in crowded places and in the commercial center of any settlement, as a rule, is not affordable for novice businessmen.

?What is profitable to trade now?

There are goods that will be in high demand regardless of the location of the outlet. First of all, these are:

  • Food. The grocery store is profitable all year round. Moreover, if you start selling food products, you will not experience a shortage of customers if you rent a retail space not only in the center, but also in the sleeping areas of your city. True, in the second case, you should first find out the preferences of residents of nearby houses, their financial capabilities and make an assortment based on the information received.
  • Hygiene products. Such products are usually seldom sold at a single point of sale. For their implementation, a specialized department is usually allocated in a store where industrial household goods are sold.
  • Household chemical products. With regard to this group of products, everything that has been said about the sale of personal care products is true, especially since they are usually sold in one department. The high level of sales is associated with the constant consumption of household chemicals in apartments, offices, etc.
  • Clothes, footwear, accessories, including for children. Fashion is changing rapidly, so such products are always in demand. However, the medal has another side: there is practically no chance that unrealized women’s clothing and shoes will be relevant in the next season. Men’s and children’s fashion is more conservative, so it is less risky to sell assortment for babies and some items of men’s wardrobe.
  • Medications. Unfortunately, people always get sick, and are unlikely to stop in the foreseeable future, so the drug trade will always be profitable. To open a pharmacy, you will need to obtain a license to sell pharmaceutical products at retail. You will also need to find a room that meets the requirements of the sanitary control authorities for establishments where drugs are sold.
  • Car spare parts. Cars, regardless of the brand, from time to time start to “junk”, so auto parts are always in demand. Moreover, during the crisis, many do not dare to buy a new car, therefore, global economic “troubles” practically do not affect the profitability of this business.
  • Etc.

?What goods are profitable to sell in cities?

In large settlements, regardless of the season and disasters in the economic sphere, they are well sold:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products. Despite all attempts to combat such bad habits as smoking and drinking hard liquor, the demand for alcohol and tobacco in our country is unlikely to decrease in the near future. At the same time, in order to start selling alcohol or cigarettes, you will need to obtain a license.
  • Building materials. Even during the economic downturn, people continue to build houses and summer cottages, not to mention the need for regular cosmetic repairs. It is better to open a store of building and finishing materials in an area with many new houses or on the outskirts of the city.
  • Plumbing. Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, trays, etc., as well as faucets and taps, need to be replaced from time to time, so the business associated with their sale is not considered risky.
  • Cosmetics and perfumery. Women are ready for any sacrifice in order to preserve their youth and attractiveness, so even the most expensive creams and gels find their customers. Some foods are meant for daily use and are consumed regularly.
  • Stationery. Despite the promises of a transition to electronic document management, hundreds of sheets of certificates, statements, reports, etc. are printed every day in any office. They are put into files and folders, text fragments are highlighted with markers, marks are made in the margins with colored pencils, etc. In addition, each schoolchild During the academic year, they use notebooks, albums, ballpoint pens, etc. for several thousand rubles, so many experts believe that stationery is what is profitable to trade now in any large settlement.
  • Pet food. Many Russians have pets. They regularly need a balanced diet, which is why the owners of specialty stores that offer pet products always have regular customers.

?What other goods are selling profitable?

Such goods as:

  • Electronics and household appliances. Every few years, a new generation of smartphones, tablets, TVs and more modern household appliances appear. Gone are the days when the refrigerator served for 15-20 years. Now gadgets and household appliances are changed much more often, therefore, even in the conditions of a satiated market, the sale of such devices at retail is profitable.
  • Toys. Most parents are happy to part with money to please their beloved child. When opening a toy store, you need to take care of the variety of assortment. It should include goods for people with different incomes, since now selling products of exceptionally expensive brands is a rather risky business.
  • Industrial and commercial equipment. Today, a business based on the production of various goods is held in high esteem, so you can profitably trade equipment for equipping small enterprises and workshops. In addition, dozens of retail outlets are opened annually in any city that require trade equipment.
  • Furniture. Those interested in the best way to trade will be surprised, but furniture is indeed a commodity for which it is relatively easy to find a buyer. This is especially true for cheap modular systems and office furniture.

We hope that we helped you decide what to trade in your store, and the information provided will be useful for you when doing business.

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