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Commerce has always been considered one of the most profitable types of business, so there are always those who want to open a store in Russia.

However, there are many pitfalls on the road to retail success. This article will help you get around them.


The main thing that is needed to open a store is the correct choice of the format of the outlet. You should decide whether you want to sell food products or your choice – trade in clothing, footwear, household appliances, electronics, etc.

What you need to know in order not to make mistakes and start a profitable business? You need to find out:

  • demand for a specific type of product that you are going to offer;
  • the level of competition (the presence of similar outlets in the same area);
  • legal and marketing nuances;
  • history of successes and mistakes of similar businesses.

To do this, you can do a little research using various modern technologies. For example, organize or order a survey among potential buyers.


Before moving on to the question of how much money is needed to open a retail outlet, decide on the assortment. After all, part of the capital required at the start should go to the purchase of goods. In the case of clothing, its value will depend on whether you sell economy class items or intend to offer customers wardrobe items from well-known brands.

The correct choice of assortment directly affects the profit. This is especially true in cases when it comes to opening a store in an area where there is high competition in the field of trade. In order for the buyer to choose exactly your establishment, you should offer goods that the “neighbors” do not have.

How much money does it take to open a store

Suppose we are talking about the capital for opening a grocery store. Starting a retail business should be done by buying or renting premises intended for commercial activities.

To purchase even a small pavilion, you need about 500,000 rubles, and you will have to pay for rent from 100,000 rubles. in Moscow or from 40,000-50,000 in the provinces. For the purchase of commercial equipment, you will need to pay at least 200,000-500,000 rubles. And that’s not all the costs of opening a store in Russia! They also include:

  1. 180,000–500,000 rubles for the purchase of goods.
  2. Money for the salaries of sellers. The answer to the question of how much money is needed to hire staff depends on the size of the store and the number of employees.
  3. Funds for security, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.
  4. Cleaning lady’s salary.
  5. The amount required to purchase licenses for the sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

Thus, before thinking about opening a grocery store, you need to find the amount of 900,000 – 1,500,000 rubles.

Where to get money

Having dealt with the question of how much money will be required to open a store, we will find out where to get them. If you need start-up capital, there are 3 options:

  1. Attract an investor. By choosing a professional, you can get the right amount and help in the form of practical advice on how to make your business more profitable. In this case, you will have to regularly deduct a percentage of your income to the investor;
  2. Take advantage of government subsidies. It will be provided if you have been registered at an employment center for more than a year and have not been employed. Note! You will not have to return the money, but the amount of state aid for starting your own business will be only 59,000 rubles.
  3. Get a bank loan. However, you run the risk of falling into bondage, since loans are issued at high interest rates and are not easy to obtain. To provide a loan for opening a store, banks require that the borrower’s work activities be related to organizational functions. You must have an impeccable credit history and property that can be mortgaged. You should also provide a business plan and a large package of other documents.

Documents (permission, etc.) for opening a store

To start any business, you need to register with government agencies, obtain a number of certificates and conclude contracts. The main document required to open a store is a business permit. It is received after entering their data in the general commercial register.

Another required document is a copy of the certificate of ownership of a trade pavilion or other commercial premises, or a lease agreement.

Other documents will be required to open a store:

  • certificate that the entrepreneur is registered with the tax authorities;
  • articles of association and articles of association of the company;
  • Goskomstat codes;
  • BTI plan;
  • shop workplace certificate;
  • an agreement with an organization dealing with the removal of garbage and waste;
  • etc.

You will need to conclude contracts with the relevant services for the connection and maintenance of fire alarms and the implementation of disinsection and obtain conclusions from Rospotrebnadzor and Gospozhnadzor.

Design and location

The profit is also influenced by such factors as location, design of the sales area, etc. Please note that the place in the pavilion, where you will have a guaranteed flow of buyers (a prestigious shopping center, city center, etc.), will be quite expensive. A good renovation with an attractive and ergonomic design will also cost a significant amount. Therefore, use all the marketing opportunities of the market and stand out from the crowd, in this case the chances of success will increase significantly.

Now you know what it takes to open a store. We hope that the tips presented above will be useful to you, and you can become the owner of a profitable business.

Post Author: Rachel Reinbauer

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